We will introduce the Gosyuin Album to foreigners who love Japan

For foreigners who like Japan, let’s make a Gosyuin Album made by traditional Japanese craftsmen and leave images and videos of memories in Japan

What is the Gosyuin Album?

The Gosyuin Book for collecting Gosyuin for visiting Japanese shrines and shrines has been renewed into an album, and the cover case that matches the paulownia box that is excellent in storage with Hakata weaving, which is a traditional Japanese craft, and theGosyuin Album incorporates IT technology that can leave not only photos but also videos. In addition to the records of visits to shrines and shrines in Japan, we hope that you will enjoy leaving them forever for the future with videos such as the moment of contact with important children and pets, and the record of growth.

What is the Gosyuin? Where did it come from and what is its history?

The Gosyuin that you can receive at shrines and temples is received as "proof of worship", so to speak, it is a "record of your relationship with God".
Generally, the seal of the temple and shrine is stamped in vermilion color, and the name of the temple and shrine, the name of the deity or the hon. Gentleman, and the date of worship are written in ink.
In addition, recently, colorful illustrations and stamp have been added, and original characters of the temple and shrine have appeared, and the number of vermilion seals full of individuality has been increasing one after another.
The history of such a Gosyuin is old, and one theory says that the origin dates back to the Nara and Heian periods. Initially, it was not something that anyone could receive, but it is said that it was a note to be given to those who dedicated the sutra as proof that the temple and shrine had received it.
As in modern times, it is said that it did not necessarily require sutras, and it became possible to receive it if you visited and paid the Gosyuin Dynasty after the middle of the Edo period.

Explanation of Hakata ori's tribute pattern

The pattern of tribute Hakata is a pattern that represents Hakata Ori. It originated from the fact that Kuroda Nagamasa (1603-1623), lord of Chikuzen Domain, offered Hakata weaving to the shogunate in the Edo period, and it has been handed down to the present.
Hakata tribute weave is woven with a unique pattern. This is a combination of stripes and treasures such as dokko and hanasara. The motif of each pattern contains prayers and wishes such as amulets and amulets.

Product Description

Title: Japanese photo book Goshuin Album

Product Details:
After the order is confirmed, Japanese craftsmen will make and deliver it by hand.

・ It is an original bellows folding album created by renewing the vermilion seal book for collecting vermilion seals for visiting Japanese shrines and temples and shrines, and creating transparent pockets and memo columns
・ Attach a paulownia box with excellent storage and create a frame pocket with Hakata weaving, a traditional Japanese craft
・ With a transparent pocket for inserting 22 photos, it has a comment memo page designed with Hakata ori's tribute pattern face-to-face.
Please choose from two colors of Hakata Ori frame pocket (PINK or BLUE)
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